SuperScrape Eco

  • Multi-directional, anti-slip, molded surface pattern effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes.
  • High recycled content: 95% post consumer recycled tires.
  • Universal recycle symbol is molded directly into the mat face, promoting recycling.
  • Mat is equally effective when placed vertically or horizontally and heavy weight helps keep mat in place.
  • Non-Launderable
  • Price List
    Size Size Approx. in. N/A
    Quantity / USD
    2’x3′ 23 x 35 $21.50
    3’x5′ 34 x 58 $49.95
    4’x6′ 44 x 68 $77.75

    COLORS: Black
    Due to normal variances in production, exact size of mats cannot be guaranteed. A variance of 3% – 5% can be expected on all mat sizes.Smooth Backing, NO Drainage Holes ONLY